A Quran School for the Children


Today has been the most wonderful day. When I came back to my hometown, I was worried that I would not find any Muslims to pray with and talk to about my new life as a Muslim. But I had no reason to be worried. There are other Muslims here, and we even have a mosque/masjid to gather in. Every Friday, there is Jummah+prayer and on the weekends (Saturday and Sundays) the children come to the masjid to learn about the religion and learn to read the Quran. Today, as a way to celebrate the children’s learning, we threw a party. The parents and the rest of the community had been invited, and the children got to show some of what they had learned. There were cakes, samosas, coffee, soda, and even gifts for the kids.

However, the most amazing part to me was to meet all the people. There were women from all over the world and I loved talking to them, hearing their stories, learning where they are from and how they all ended up in my little hometown. When I told them how I came to be Muslim, they were all so happy and welcomed me, to Islam and to the community. It was amazing and I cannot wait to get to know these people better. I am not afraid of being alone anymore. I know that I will be okay, no matter where I go in this world. I truly believe Allah answered my prayers about making it easy for me to come back home.


Thank you for reading my blog. You are welcome to send me an email (using the contact form) or leave a comment underneath this post. I am happy to answer any questions.


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